1-Configuring and running the visit scheduler
2-Viewing scheduled bookings in block, grid and list views
3-Changing and locking allocations

Fully Automated Scheduling features

Holistic yet optimal and equitable

Artivis makes scheduling decisions that are guaranteed to save you time and cost overhead while ensuring that your users are served better than ever.

Efficient and Seamless

Time is money, and Artivis makes sure that your coordinators spend as little time as possible on scheduling activities – generating a week’s roster faster than you can finish a cup of coffee.

Flexible and Customizable

Artivis is not only the fully automated AI scheduler, but it also gives you full control with our manual override and configuration options for customization.

Support for Seamless Change Management

Careworker Exigencies

Manage last minute careworker exigencies like medical and emergency leaves in minutes with a simple, dedicated workflow.

Service User Exigencies

From suspensions to last-minute change requests – Artivis will take care of it effortlessly.

Intelligent Leave Management

Seamlessly apply and approve leaves guided by in-built impact analysis for minimizing disruptions – for all members of your staff!

Centralized Alerts

Always stay ahead of operational priorities with our proactive, centralized actions and notifications portal.

Strong Suite of Safeguarding Features for Quality Assurance

Guaranteed Data Integrity

Strong in-built controls to ensure consistency and integrity of data.

Assured Care Compliance

Leverage Artivis not just to improve your business operations, but also to simplify adherence to compliance.

Audit Trails and Reporting

Complete visibility with historical tracking of operational decisions, requests and data changes

Centralized Request Log

Never miss remote change requests or internal communications with our centralized request logger.